Freaking phone service man. It’s impossible to just get a cheap data only phone line these days – it used to be you could get the phone company to come and install a $10 a month data line for a fax machine. Now they bundle everything with a million other services and has multi-year contracts and costs you an arm and a leg. MONOPOLIES. Hate ’em.

I thought I could get the TWC digital phone at a reasonable price; turns out it’s $40 a month just for the phone. I’m already shelling out $46 a month to them for Internet!

When I looked up Verizon and local phone services, turns out they would actually be charging me MORE than $40 a month. So great, I could pay more, and it would take you forever to install my line, and you’d probably fuck it up the first time and I’d have to wait for it again. No thanks, let me know when the hell I can get FiOS, kthxbai.

So, what’s left? Well, it turns out that T-mobile has a digital phone service as well. I’ve planned to keep my original mobile phone number, but that’s still a Virgin prepaid phone (and a crappy ass one at that). It turns out that for $50 a month, I can get the digital phone service for a fax line I need ($10) and the mobile service I wanted ($40) – basically two phones for the price of the one line I’d be paying TWC or Verizon for. It’s a no brainer, I’m saving about 30 bucks a month going this route. So, all told, I’m paying about $186 a month in telecom services, but that gets me three phone lines and broadband Internet… not great, but not terrible? Some people pay that much a month just for cable or satellite TV.

Oh, and the bonus is a new Nokia phone with a free Bluetooth headset, probably way better than my crap-ass free Kyocera from Virgin. I can probably use that headset with my iPhone?

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