If a blog entry is not written, did it really happen?

Not a lot going on in the old journal these days.

Much going on is being had though. I just don’t have the time to journal it. Here then is a synopsis:

I’ve been working; the end of this quarter is going to be great for me, I’ll make about 30% more than I was making the whole rest of the year when all the receivables come in. I keep hearing from people that I’m one of the only people they know who’s doing well currently. Been doing a lot of networking too, need to keep working the crowds.

I’ve been going out with cool people. I had dinner with Chelsea a little while back at a cute French place. My friend j-pa hung with me for some hours the other night, she is extra awesome with sugar on top. I have also been hanging out with some great artists and been having cool intellectual discussions about things. Lots of people connecting type stuff makes me happy.

I’ve been doing fun things. I did Dr. Sketchy’s 3rd birthday (awesome) and saw a collection of short goofy porn films over dinner. I’ve gone out for good cocoa, a few great meals (had Venezuelan for the first time) and a few drinks. New places are opening up on my street – there is now a bar/pub called Mother’s several blocks up the street from the bar named Daddy’s. I think it might be time for the Graham Avenue edition of the Williamsburg pub crawl.

I made a huge batch of cookie dough and ate a lot of it in both raw and cooked form. Now my pants are too snug.

That is all (for now).

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