LISS Soda Siphon

I purchased this stainless steel 2 quart bottle with the intention of enjoying seltzer and creating my own all natural, organic soft drinks.

The lovely, thick stainless steel bottle SPRANG A LEAK on my very first attempt at using a CO2 cartridge with it. I am somewhat horrified by this. The company, LISS, is based in Hungary, and they offer a 1 year warranty on the product… but now I’m a bit fearful that this thing, even with replacement, won’t last me a year, if their manufacturing is bad enough that the damn bottle has no integrity. Maybe I should get a refund instead?


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3 Responses to LISS Soda Siphon

  1. kymeep says:

    We’ve been super-duper happy with the one we got from Soda Stream. For whatever it’s worth…

    • mik3cap says:

      I did look at that one briefly. I wanted to go for the steel one so it’d chill faster and I *thought* it’d be stronger…

      • kymeep says:

        It’s really not bad. We keep a bottle of still water in the fridge so it’s cold when we carbonate it. At any time we have a bottle of seltzer & a bottle of still water cold.

        And IKEA sells lingonberry & elderberry flower syrups (with sugar and not HFCS). Mmmm….

        So much fun, sorry yours broke!