Superhero Flicks

Finally saw The Dark Knight.

You know what? It Capital S Sucked. Iron Man was way, way, way better. I really think the only reason Dark Knight got so huge was because of Heath Ledger’s demise. I know Batman’s a popular character, but Christian Bale’s hoarseness grates on me, the direction and cinematography of this sequel sorely lacked in comparison to Batman Begins, and the story was a bit contrived (basically being a rehash of the concepts from “The Killing Joke” with a little Two-Face thrown in and thrown away for good measure). It really lacked all the excitement of Batman Begins, and had none of the zip that Iron Man did.

Iron Man totally got robbed last Summer.

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8 Responses to Superhero Flicks

  1. You mean the Assy McGee voice? Yeah.

  2. purly says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more.