Apple App Store is being dumb

Yes, I said it. (I am not a complete Applephile!)

The fact that they have chosen to restrict Apps from the App Store for “explicit” content or doing things involving bodily functions is just flat out ridiculous and stupid. The iPhone ALREADY HAS restriction functionality enabled! How hard would it be to add an “explicit” tag to an App and then allow parental control/restrictions to turn of the downloading of said Apps? It’s already done for the iPod application on the iPhone for explicit songs.

Seriously, this is a no-brainer. Let people develop adult apps! It only means more downloads and more money for everybody, and the mechanisms for responsible parental control are already available. Use them!!

(Do you think it’s possible that the “no bodily functions” rule is coming down from on high from Mr. Jobs himself…?)

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4 Responses to Apple App Store is being dumb

  1. “Bodily Functions…”

    Not that I would ever use them, but I’m sure plenty of people would find a menstrual cycle or fertility planning tracker to be useful…