5 Responses to Idiocracy

  1. mik3cap says:

    It truly seems like this woman had Angelina Jolie look-alike plastic surgery done. She must want to outdo AJ in babby forming.

    • methanopyrus says:

      well, I read today that she had gotten settlement money from a job injury 10 years ago and used 100k of it probably to do all the getting pregnant procedures. She could have used the rest to buy a new face!

      it is difficult for me not to think such negative things about this whole story. then I think…what does it do to someone to be one of 8 born to the ill will and hatred of millions of people? what would it do to you?

      • mik3cap says:

        Nobody gets to pick the hand they’re dealt when they’re born. But Mommy stacked the deck against those kids. They will suffer from neglect, I have no doubts there. If not them, then their other 6 siblings will.

        You know it will probably take someone about three hours a day just to change the diapers for all those kids? Imagine just changing diapers 20 hours a week! Literally a part-time job, just doing diapers.

        • methanopyrus says:

          the neglect… waiting too long with a dirty diaper even though there is an attentive person around to change them, supposing there is going to be a “volunteer” around to change them. … it could be her 7 year old kid…