Lossy Data

I recently had a nasty external hard drive failure – normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as I’m good about making backups, but for some ridiculously stupid reason I only had one copy of my entire iPhoto library stored on this drive. I decided to go for having the data recovered, and found myself willing to pony up the serious money it would take to do it. The recovery place notified me today that the drive is 90% cloneable, but that there is a problem right at the start of the drive that they haven’t been able to fix in the last three weeks, and without that one critical sector the entire thing is corrupted and unreadable. They are going to try one more time, and I’ll know by the end of next week if they have succeeded.

At this point it is seriously looking like I am losing most everything I have done in pictures over the last 6 or 7 years.

It turns out though that I was at least good about putting decent resolution versions of my favorite pictures online, mainly here on LJ. So I don’t think there will be a total loss… but I do find myself grieving about forever losing the highest resolution files, all my videos, and all the photos that I never did anything with that I was saving for a later date.

I have bought a Flickr pro account, and everything I have will be synced to it. When I reload everything into iPhoto again, I will also be backing it up on CD and 2 redundant external drives (with one rotating off site every month or so).

It always takes a catastrophe to make you realize what you have to lose!