No More Microwave

Recently my microwave decided to become a death ray, so I took its ass out to the curb. I think I will not be getting another one. In all honesty, I only used it a couple times a week – and when I did, it was to heat up a frozen prepared food like a boca burger. So even though microwaves are cheaper and relatively easy to get a hold of, I’ve decided the stove will do just fine for me. I don’t need food heated up in an instant! It’s better to take time to prepare my food, it’s more intentional that way, and I can get more flavors into it with a real cooking process. And using the stove or oven means I don’t have to worry about the uneven heating characteristic of microwave cookery.

I mean really, it’s just another unwieldy kitchen appliance that sucks up electricity and is not a good multitasker. It may even be responsible for unhealthier eating in general, making “convenience food” like hot pockets easier to toss down a gullet.


  1. Why aren’t you using your new death ray in your quest for Global Domination!?

  2. mik3cap

    I’m afraid the exposure will mutate my cat into a 100 meter tall hellbeast bent on my destruction.

  3. agthorr

    I haven’t had a microwave for a few years now. I never miss it and revel in the extra counter space.