BSG Finale Spoilers

I am vastly disappointed. God is not supposed to be a character in a science fiction show. A decade of Stargate shows, and god never showed up once!! But Battlestar Galactica goes four seasons, does a great job of keeping things vague, dabbles well in themes of religion and politics… and then fucks it all up at the end by making it all about god’s hand and turns the whole freaking show into a chapter in the Left Behind series.

I mean seriously, why did they have to go and do that? They could have left it all vague, made a series of coincidences, and let the people who believed still believe and what not. Because, DUH, that’s how it is in REAL LIFE. But then the show has to go and turn Kara Thrace into Jesus Christ with her miracle resurrection in both body and Viper, and then MAKE HER DISAPPEAR when her “work is done”?? All they had to do was have a freaking time travel plot point with her, have her get sucked into a wormhole near the singularity or something – I mean shit, why the HELL wasn’t she in a Viper during the firefight?? She’s the best pilot in the fleet, and she goes on the freaking boarding action? And what is up with Gaius and 6 talking to angels? What would have been wrong with them just staying voices in their heads? And why did it have to be the angels in the 150,000 year flash forward – it could just as easily have been Saul and Ellen Tigh, eternal ageless Cylons who have lived through it all and are fearful of the cycle beginning again. Wouldn’t that have been more poignant?

That was seriously the most pathetic ending to a sci-fi show I’ve ever seen. It would have been better to just have Roslin wake up in the shower and have the whole thing be a frigging dream.

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