More Evidence Against Blu-ray

So maybe I’m on the right side of this trend after all… Netflix apparently has no love for Blu-ray rental.

Again, it seems that only HD mavens with lots of money can really do the Blu-ray thing.

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2 Responses to More Evidence Against Blu-ray

  1. jessnut says:

    I didn’t even know NetFlix offered Blu-Ray until you mentioned it and I ran across that same article.

    I don’t have a Blu-Ray player so doesn’t really matter. I find that the really artsy movies that are visually awesome and would be great to see in HD are obsure enough that they aren’t offered in Blu-Ray.

    I was an early adopter of the CD because I was given a CD player as a gift, I would never have bothered if I hadn’t gotten it for free.

    DVDs work perfectly fine for me. A few more pixels per inch doesn’t make or break my enjoyment of a movie. Maybe once the Blu-Ray disc becomes the standard instead of the special I’ll adopt it.

    For the time being getting HD format stuff online more than fills my small interest in the format. When given the option of viewing a show online in regular or HD I will view the HD version because it costs no more and takes no more extra effort on my part (a bit more waiting for buffering).

  2. mik3cap says:

    I definitely like digital television a lot better than analog – there’s clearly a vast improvement there. But DVD to HD, you’re right, not seeing it as much.