iPhoto + Address Book win

Looks like Apple’s most recent update to iLife partly addressed the issue I mentioned here over six weeks ago: http://mikecap.livejournal.com/958798.html

Good deal! Now all they need to do is add the theoretical social networking application I’ve been designing in my head to the iLife suite…

Also, I don’t know how hard it would be to discover rotated faces in iPhoto, but that would be welcome too. I noticed that iPhoto automatically creates little face images in the system every time it searches through photos – it’s a standard graphics operation to rotate an image, so why not create an option to let users identify a rotated face in a picture? Then iPhoto can rotate the result in the background, and come up with a suggestion based on the resulting rotated little face image it’ll make. Maybe a little “rotate” icon on the right corner of the add unknown face window that lets you orient the square?

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