11 Responses to POLL: Does This Really Look Appetizing To You?

  1. Are those pickles? and those pink bits… that’s got to be ham.

  2. redstapler says:

    The crust actually looks really nommy. That, and I see white cheese and veggies. I’m sold.

    It doesn’t look like a normal pizza, though, I’ll agree with you there.

  3. orionsmom says:

    I actually think it looks really tasty.

    But I can eat pizza dough with nothing on it if its soft enough. I just really like the taste.

    And that looks nice and soft, with green things Looks like broccoli to me and ham or pepperoni or something.

    What is it?

  4. mik3cap says:

    It is wicked not normal. It’s like eating random stuff on a pita.

  5. mik3cap says:

    It’s yucky pizza that hipsters claim is “good”.

  6. bonisagus says:

    It looks like slime on a shingle.

  7. mik3cap says:

    A chewy, tasteless, burnt dough shingle. Hipsters are nutbags, especially with three good pizza joints within short distance, one across the street.

  8. elusiveat says:

    It actually *looks* pretty to me, but not so much appetizing. Unless some of those things that are camauflaging themselves as lumps in the dough are *actually* mozzarella cheese, in which case it looks pretty good.

  9. vossanova says:

    If there is something stuffed inside, fine, but if that is just a lump of dough with some shavings dropped on it, then someone needs to stamp a large FAIL on the pic and blog it.

  10. mik3cap says:

    Nope, it is a FAIL lump.

  11. qedrakmar says:

    So THAT’S where my old pitas went…