Stem Cells

Apparently the only people who really have an issue with stem cell research are Catholics and Christian fundies. That’s a pretty seriously small minority. Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism have no issues with using stem cells for research purposes, as the research occurs to cells before any of those belief systems consider them “alive”. Only Catholics and fundamentalists/cultists believe in personhood at conception/fertilization.

Don’t ever let them paint this issue as one where “religions” believe using stem cells is wrong! The vast majority of people in the world believe using stem cells to research healing is fine.

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5 Responses to Stem Cells

  1. redstapler says:

    At my aunt’s seder last night, my cousin’s husband had the audacity to suggest that the stem cell ban wasn’t faith-based, but an attempt to keep the existing data pure from “people who didn’t know what they were doing.”

    As if a scientist who didn’t know how to conduct stem cell research would suddenly start “just because they could.”

    I really, really liked him until last night when he came out as a McCain-voting ignoramus.

  2. bonisagus says:

    I honestly think Catholics think it’s wrong out of stubbornness. That and the fact that, “Oh well the Church can’t make changes to doctrine precipitously,” BS. I think a large majority of Catholic rank and file couldn’t care less. It’s the hierarchy that has their cassocks in a twist over it.

  3. jessnut says:

    I mostly love the reasoning that if they allowed the research it would promote more abortions. Like people are going to be like, “well I really wanted this baby but I really want to support stem cell research, ah well,” or that scientists are going to break into women’s bedrooms and steal their unborn children.

    They are using stem cells already available that were being otherwise thrown away. They aren’t creating a market for them.

  4. mik3cap says:

    It’s amazing how that one little piece of knowledge can completely change my opinion of a person.

  5. mik3cap says:

    I’m even willing to grant that 15 to 25% of the population of Earth is against using stem cells for research purposes. And you know what, I accept that, even the high end. That means that 75% of the world is okay with using stem cells, and majority rules, so people just need to shut the hell up and then not use the stem cell therapies that get developed if they think it’s wrong. Just like not getting abortions or blood transfusions if they think those are wrong.

    I am just totally sick of religionists fucking with the world. They can fuck with each other all they want, but they need to leave everyone else alone.