Not much posted here recently – Facebook gets most of my attention these days. But there is a lot going on, I’m doing a lot more living than blogging about living.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been making a lot of friends in my neighborhood. Being able to hang out in cafes in the afternoons is extremely conducive to meeting people. I’ve always been a cafe person, and I love that I have four or five different places right on my street that I can just “be” in that aren’t bars. So I’ve befriended nearly everyone who works behind the counter at all these places, and am now a regular everywhere, and get introductions or get involved in interesting conversations everywhere I go and even connect people with other cool people or talk about neat ideas. I love it.

I decided to try and get some of my new friends together for an underground dinner hosted at my place and catered by my friend Sara and her Lightbulb Oven. Sadly, most of them could not make it, but I will be seating 15 folks here for a five course dinner – including a reporter from some magazine, and a photographer. This inspired me to clean out and redecorate my apartment. My office is now located in the back of my apartment, and I’ve reorganized the kitchen a little bit; my landlord even got me a brand new stove! Ultimately I’d like to take down the afterthought of a closet and storage area here in the new office to make the room bigger, and then paint the walls blue to inspire creativity. I might get around to doing that by late Summer or so, maybe.

I am now “officially” dating someone long distance; those of you following on Facebook have no doubt seen pictures and references to Nari (). We went out for about a month before she moved back to Austin, Texas to live with her family and return to her company’s HQ out there – a few weeks later she flew back to visit for a long weekend. She’s coming back to visit me again from 5/10 to 5/17, and to say that I’m looking forward to that would be the understatement of the century. Long distance, as one would expect, is a good and bad thing; but, in this case, since we weren’t able to spend much time together when we were short distance, I’d have to say it’s much more bad than good.

I’m actually putting a lot of time into iPhone development now, and am learning the ins and outs of Xcode and associated tools. There’s a roadblock I’ve been attempting to overcome, and debugging with the tools is helping me better understand what I’m doing wrong. I feel like I’m making progress though; at this point, since I’m going to WWDC 09 the first week of June, I really need to have some kind of application finished before I get there; I’m hoping to have two ready, but we’ll see.

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11 Responses to Update

  1. gower says:

    >Not much posted here recently – Facebook gets most of my attention >these days.

    That’s outrageous. I’m clearly missing out on stuff. But I just can’t…quite bring myself to explore Facebook. I think it’s a snob thing on my part.

  2. methanopyrus says:

    I feel, and opt out similarly.

  3. methanopyrus says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed your update on your life. I love news from NYC life too.

  4. mik3cap says:

    I primarily post links and photos to Facebook, with very brief comments, and I use LJ when I want to post a longer text entry about something (and it almost always feeds over to FB, so FB is clearly the end point for all content). For me, Facebook is super short attention span, while LJ is contemplative, but I see almost no entries from my friends on LJ any more. I sense LJ is seriously waning.

  5. You’ll have to take me to some of the cafes!

  6. mik3cap says:

    Don’t worry, you’re getting the grand tour! I suspect though that you’ll like Manhattan better than my hood – lots of cool stuff happening in East Village and Lower East Side.

  7. gower says:

    So I guess the exhaustion I feel is symptomatic of something larger. That’s a good feeling. Yeah, it’s hard for me to push myself to write to LJ sometimes.

  8. mik3cap says:

    I largely suspect it’s because there are so many alternatives now for feed-sourcing content; in addition to the myriad other blogging sources out there providing outlets for journals, Twitter and Facebook suck up almost all of the long tail of “tiny” posting traffic consisting mainly of quiz results, “me too” posts and other Internet short attention span theater.

    LJ is quickly becoming an anachronism. I suspect that stagnant growth of the site will ultimately lead to its demise.

  9. I’m interested to see how it’s changed. I was last there in Spring of 2001. The old school twin towers were still there!

  10. narnarthinks says:

    OMG–we’re officially dating!!
    LJ is the new class ring.

  11. mik3cap says:

    WTF is the new OMG 😀