Semi-Irregularly Posted Comics That Mike Is Reading

I’ve made some cutbacks on my comics lately – more because they’ve gone downhill in terms of writing and / or art than due to the economy (at least directly anyway; who can say whether they’ve gotten bad because they can’t pay for good work any more?). Anyway, here’s my list:

B.P.R.D. – Occult superheroes, keeps me coming back.

Hellboy – Always good.

Astro City – Do they even make these any more? Still on my pull list though.

Mysterius: The Unfathomable – Adventures of a piggy middle-aged magician and his spunky Hispanic lady assistant. This is a fun book so far, reminds me a little bit of “Leave it to Chance” except that it’s bawdy and isn’t a kids’ book by any stretch.


Seaguy: The Slaves Of Mickey Eye – Psychedelic superhero shit.

Top 10 Season Two – Not really too thrilled by this so far, but I do like me some psychedelic superhero shit.

Back To Brooklyn – This was a crazy ass “true crime” mini-series, very ultraviolent and over the top. Could see it as a Jason Statham action movie. Worth getting as a collection if you’re into action and crime.

Red Mass For Mars – Watchmen-like uberfuture where humanity is doomed. Good for a laugh.

Walking Dead – Still reading this zombie soap opera, it keeps pulling me back in.

Anna Mercury – Alternate worlds and a boob-laden secret agentess. Not sure if this series is done? The first story arc is anyway. Good for the art – is Warren Ellis stretching himself too thin?

Doktor Sleepless – Bio/Hacker superhero wants to end the world. I’m not very happy with it, though I’m still getting it. Story seems to be worn thin.

Gravel – The one series where Warren Ellis is really excelling these days; it’s his John Constantine with a twist (seeing as how DC/Vertigo never had the balls to let Ellis do Hellblazer).

Ignition City – The place where pulp space heroes go to die. I’m liking it.

Irredeemable – What happens when a Superman-level hero runs amok, really for real, how do you stop him? He is an alien after all, who knows what the hell is in his head. This is intriguing stuff (even though this story was already done in Powers).

No Hero – Take a drug, become a superhero via a horrific biological transformation. Warren Ellis, again; another series where he needs to improve pacing. Still I persevere.

Incognito – Supervillain in witness protection regains powers and becomes a “hero”. From Ed Brubaker, an excellent writer.

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4 Responses to Semi-Irregularly Posted Comics That Mike Is Reading

  1. I’ll have to check out Mysterius. I picked up Ignition City the other day it looks interesting.

    I’ve also been following the Dr. Doom miniseries where he’s been mucking with various supervillain groups as part of his big plan. It’s fun.

    Oh, is Seaguy worth picking up even if you didn’t read the first series?


  2. kitteridge says:

    I still need to borrow your Walking Dead!

  3. mik3cap says:

    No, you definitely need to read the first Seaguy series.

  4. mik3cap says:

    I have them here, as well as eggplant parmagiano!