Yodok Stories

20,000,000 people are being held prisoner in North Korea. They are starving, resorting to cannibalism. Completely cut off from the world, they have no media and no sources of information except for occasional helium balloons carrying leaflets sent by sympathetic people in the South. It’s as if they live 70 or 100 years in the past, but they exist under a governmental rule of law that would make Orwell piss himself. Concentration camps that would give Hitler a boner imprison “class enemies” (for example, people who leave picfures of Kim Jong-Il on the ground) and also their entire families (all of them) unto the third generation, and almost no one leaves these camps alive. It’s as if a cult of twenty million helpless people is being kept there… And what are we doing about it?

Not a FUCKING THING. Too bad they don’t have any oil.