Finally saw Religulous the documentary movie the other night – I didn’t realize that Bill Maher was actually on the same boat as me, and that the end of the film was as much of an indictment against religion as it turned out to be. I was honestly very glad to see someone else feeling exactly the same way as me on the topic. I mean… do you realize that a billion people all over this world turn and face the same direction at the same time multiple times a day to pray to a meteorite in a giant box? If a meteorite hits the planet today, nobody gives a shit about it; so why are one in six people so apeshit over this one that hit a few centuries ago?

The way I see it, billions of people want me dead or otherwise removed from their reality because I make them feel insecure about their delusions. They hate that I don’t believe in their meteorite in a big cube in Mecca, or their virgin birth, or their female circumcisions, or that invisible beings talk to them and make it rain when they ask for rain.

We will win the fight for women’s rights when we eliminate religion. Think about that one, folks, it’s a doozy.

At this point, I’m considering that perhaps instead of being on an anti-religion crusade, whether I should pour all my efforts into supporting Scientology. It may make the most sense, unfortunately – because rather than try to fight the Bronze Age nonsense-belief systems with reason, it’s better to fight nonsense with other nonsense. You can’t argue rationally with irrationality; but I think it might be possible to be irrational with the irrational. In other words: the people who require nonsense-beliefs should be given good nonsense-beliefs that are at least partly based in reality. Judeo-Islamo-Christian belief systems are like Fantasy, and Scientology is like Science Fiction. If we leave behind all the crap about gods and stoning people and floods and change it into galactic emperors and aliens and spaceships and atom bombs in volcanoes, maybe people will stop denying science and evolution and the “believers” will allow humanity to progress a little bit further. It will at least give science and critical thinking a foot in the door… traditional religions do not do that.

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