iPhone 3Gs and smudges

Looks like fingerprint smudging on iPhones was enough of a problem that Apple actually created a fingerprint resistant coating on the iPhone 3Gs. I wonder if they got requests from government and security people for that as well?

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9 Responses to iPhone 3Gs and smudges

  1. l0qii says:

    Most of the govt type people I know can’t even own iPhones because they aren’t allowed to bring cameras in to work.

  2. kaetaur13 says:

    I heard something similiar where people bought low tech phones just so they could have them in the office for child emergencies.

  3. mik3cap says:

    Ah, but now there is remote wiping, and I swear I heard the words “hardware encryption” during the keynote…

  4. The problem isn’t that pictures could be stolen from your phone, it’s that you could take pictures and sell them.

  5. mik3cap says:

    Yes, but a paranoid employed can wipe your phone every time you exit the building and have you restore it from a secure location…

  6. And prevent cell phone calls and file transfer so you don’t just transfer them elsewhere? At that point what does the phone actually do?

  7. mik3cap says:

    Internal applications that are distributed ad hoc within the organization? Like managing inventory. Or performing some other kind of productivity tasks.

    iPhone isn’t a phone. It’s a mobile computing platform with a phone attached to it.

  8. The already have mobile computing platforms with neither a phone nor a camera attached. Those things are drawback for this function. Hell, if you really want to stay in-brand for some reason an iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone or camera.

  9. mik3cap says:

    True, but the ease of use of the iPhone/iPod interface and the extremely rapid development cycles for iPhoneOS applications are compelling reasons to use the platform. I imagine remote wiping will also work fine with iPod touch over WiFi… I’m sure there’s a way to do that too.