iPhone 3Gs impressions

You can really tell that it’s faster. The response time on tapping things like mail and photos has sped up quite a bit. The new camera makes images look great, though it doesn’t seem like you can autofocus while you’re recording a video – and the ambient sound recording during the video isn’t half bad, I was worried I would need to get some kind of external mike in order to really catch sound.

The setup process was completely painless for me (I upgraded); I just synced all my info (all my photos and a bunch more of my audio) and went to AT&T’s web site to confirm activation. It’s all working very well so far… really the only differences I’ve noticed so far are response time and photos. The compass is a trinket by itself, but it also works well.

Not having MMS PISSES ME OFF. This is a huge feature, I want to be able to send locations and pictures and clips of things to other iPhones!! Not having tethering also pisses me off, but nowhere near as much as the lack of rich messaging. Screw you, AT&T.