Semi-irregular Comics Mike Is Reading Review

B.P.R.D. – Still good.

Hellboy – Also still good.

Astro City – Actually got an issue of this, finally! I’m really hoping they just wrap up this arc… it would be nice if there were some kind of reboot of Astro City at this point, but that may be so pomo that it eats its own head.


Batman and Robin – New take on old characters by Grant Morrison. Grant and Frank Quitely did amazing work with All-Star Superman, and this new Batman stuff (with Dick Grayson as bats and Batman’s son as Robin) is really really awesome. The feel is exactly what Batman should feel like, but it’s a new story with new character development; I love it.

Top 10 Season Two – Haven’t seen this lately, must be running late again… maybe it’s time to put Top Ten to bed.

Red Mass For Mars – Watchmen-like uberfuture where humanity is doomed. I think this book is about done, it never really grabbed me so now I’m just getting it to be complete with it.

Walking Dead – Still reading this zombie soap opera, it keeps pulling me back in.

Anna Mercury – Alternate worlds and a boob-laden secret agentess. New story arc, looks promising.

Viking – This is a very moody, art-centric, historical fiction piece about Vikings. I like it, but we’ll see how long it lasts.

Buck Rogers – Indy take on the classic character. Could be good; we’ll see what happens.

Doktor Sleepless – Bio/Hacker superhero wants to end the world. Still wearing thin.

Gravel – Warren Ellis, John Constantine with a badass military twist. This series not only excels for Warren, it’s setting up its next whole story arc with this great weirdo all magician super-team. A very very cool idea, Magic X-Men. I hope it takes off – I also think it would be great if Avatar did an omnibus collection of all the Gravel stories they’ve ever put out (as the character starred in a number of mini-series before getting his own regular series).

Ignition City – Where pulp space heroes go to die. Still good, thanks be to Warren.

Irredeemable – Superman-level hero runs amok. This is some good stuff – deconstructing the idea of an alien super-being living in human society, much further than anyone’s ever dared to go with the idea before.

No Hero – Take a drug, become a superhero via a horrific biological transformation; just read the penultimate issue, and it should all resolve nicely in the last book. I’m reminded of Black Summer, which I did like, but it also felt a little shallow like No Hero does. Both story ideas could have been expanded more, but Warren is the million armed writer of the Apocalypse, he doesn’t really have enough time to write every damn thing in the universe.

Incognito – Supervillain in witness protection regains powers and becomes a “hero”. From Ed Brubaker, still loving this book, hope it goes for a while or continues exploring the continuity in other series.

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  1. Check out North 40 from Wildstorm. Goth chick and D&D geek unleash Cthulian horrors on a small red-neck town. Looks promising.