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The Hayao Miyazaki-Is-Disturbing Scale

Hayao Miyazaki has made a wide range of wonderful fantasy anime, and they each seem to be tailored to a particular age group. His major feature films seem to fall on a scale of Totally Germane For Toddlers to I’m … Continue reading

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An iTunes Thing That Would Be Cool

If, after rating songs, I could “trade in” the stuff I rate at 2 stars or 1 star for other songs… like get “store credit” for stuff I don’t like. This would be great feedback for publishers and artists, because … Continue reading

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The Juice Is Good

Recently I liberated a Jack Lalanne power juicer from my mother’s clutches – she owned it for many years, and in that time it gathered a lustrous coating of dust, nearly changing its color from white to gray (shortly thereafter, … Continue reading

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A Light in Darkness

Remember how I lost all my photos in a horrible hard drive crash some months ago? As it turns out, I have a ton of photos in my email that I never once considered. Practically every image I’ve ever sent … Continue reading

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