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Why We Aren’t In A Tech Bubble (Yet)

Having lived through The First Great Tech Bubble – the era of, Whoopi Goldberg & Flooz, and billion dollar valuations of companies that never made a profit – I feel qualified to speak on the topic of today’s booming tech sector. The question on everyone’s mind is: Have we replaced with, Flooz with Bitcoin, and found ourselves a mere 11 years later on the precipice of The Second Great Tech Bubble?

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Hey, Netflix – What’s Going On?

The social media landscape blew up for a little bit a couple days ago when Netflix announced its 60% price hike. “Dear Netflix” trended on Twitter for a time, reflecting the discontent of subscribers who’ve decided to jump ship instead of paying more. And who can blame them? The pricing change took subscribers completely by surprise, and making dramatic price changes would seem to be counter-productive for Netflix’s growth.

Clearly the powers that be feel justified in this course of action – the way I see it, Netflix could be jacking up its price for several reasons. It’s not entirely certain whether any or all of these reasons apply, but I’ve ordered them from least to most likely based on what I’ve seen happening over the course of the last year.

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