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Who’s Who In Online Video (INFOGRAPHIC)

The online video space is a confusing one, to say the least. Consolidation of services, channels, content, and technologies coupled with an ever-changing playing field and a seemingly endless parade of players makes it a tad difficult to follow the market; it seems to change on a daily basis. And no wonder: we’re talking about an $85 billion dollar opportunity.

What I’ve done in this visualization is to identify who the current players are, loosely classify them by category, and casually arrange them in a “stack” where the top of the stack represents production of content and the bottom represents consumption by audiences.

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THINK: The Rise Of Autoculture

From time to time I’ll be writing posts that fall into a broader category of general musing about the future and technology in abstract terms, outside of the context of today’s startup-focused world. Those posts will be headed with the title “THINK:” so readers can identify them more easily. This first post in this series will be discussing the role of technology in culture, how we use it now, and how it may be used in the future. To start things off, I’m going to briefly define the concepts of “autoculture” and “metaculture”, examine the big idea of autonomous agents becoming fundamental definers of your identity, and end up at the current trends in examining and analyzing culture with technology.

(In general these types of posts will fall into the realm of TL;DR, so be forewarned, this is a long one…)

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