International Space Apps Challenge – After Action Report!

This past weekend, StartupBus joined over 100 other government agencies and organizations all over the world by participating in the first ever International Space Apps Challenge hackathon.

The numbers really speak for themselves:  8 government agencies and 103 organizations, 25 cities, 17 countries on 7 continents… 2,083 people working on 71 challenges, producing 100 solutions in 48 hours.  I’m very proud to say that StartupBus NYC successfully executed in the New York location for the event (with about 1/8 of our alumni participating) and ultimately the participants working at our host venue Pivotal Labs created 5 fully functional products that will truly change the world and disrupt the status quo, per our mission.  We secured sponsorships from Twilio, Perky Jerky, and VitaminWater to support the event with food & drink, and worked with the NY Tech Council to organize event logistics; it was a fantastic and unique event, an unprecedented opportunity to communicate and collaborate with people all over the planet, and show everyone just how awesome the New York tech scene is! You can see the five projects created here:

And it’s not over yet – two teams were chosen in New York for global judging by the international organizers – excellent products that will get further scrutiny from a worldwide community of scientists, activists, and business and government stakeholders:

C.E.R.E.S. – created by a team with alums David Kay and Dunja Saleh-Zaki – created by a team with alums Marissa Lerer and Rob Hanley

All the work done during this past weekend of international collaboration was documented on collaborative tools like Etherpad and on github, and everything was developed under open source licenses to further the causes of the advancement science and space exploration and the betterment of humanity – check the challenges on the space apps site for more details.  Please join me in congratulating these alums on a job well done, and wish them luck with the global judging!

I hope I speak for many of the participants in New York when I say that we were grateful for the chance to make a contribution of time and effort for the greater good, working to provide real solutions to real world problems! Many thanks to the ISAC coordinators and to the sponsoring organizations and agencies and everyone else on the team for organizing an incredible and truly awe inspiring global effort and giving us the opportunity to participate!!

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