Nightmare #22

A party of seven wandered across a trackless, endless desert. Their minds wore thin, as thirst and heat punished their bodies. There was no hope, no oasis of safety waiting over the next dune. Soon they began sharing their hallucinations… and somehow they were all fighting over slices of a lime, sucking on the juice and pulp of a fruit that didn’t exist and trying desperately to get sustenance from it.

One of the party looked up, and saw six suns beating mercilessly down upon them. As he watched, with his hands shielding his eyes, they suddenly started to align and began to form the shape of a cross.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” he shouted, “Save me! Preserve me!!”

The man disappeared, and in his place, hovering in the sky, was a radially symmetrical creature: green on the outside with red blotches in the middle, several feet in diameter, and a single serpentine eye in the center. It fell to the ground with a sickening plop.

Another man cried out to the empty air: “You fool! Your need summoned Tau Ra, when the stars were right! He was gone, and you brought him baaaack! Nooo!” He clawed at his head and eyes in a frenzy as he screamed.

Someone else poked Tau Ra with a stick, and the creature swelled and exploded like a jellyfish – but the explosion was really a growth spurt. Eventually it would grow large enough to cover the whole planet once more…

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