Coach Ray: A few words about my personal trainer, and a plug for his new program

My Story

When I was about 12 years old, I started to walk with a bit of a limp. It wasn’t anything terribly noticeable, and on occasion my parents would say things like: “Walk straight! What’s the matter with you?” or “Stop dragging your feet!”. It didn’t seem like the sort of thing to be overly concerned about – but then things started going badly pretty quickly. It came to a head when I had an injury during a PeeWee football practice; I remember feeling a terrible shocking pain in my left hip, and I couldn’t get up off the ground… my dad came onto the field, picked me up, and carried me off as I reeled from the pain.

When we went to the orthopedic doctor, he recommended that I go into the hospital to get traction on my leg and go into surgery immediately because my hip joint had become deformed. We went with another doctor, but I did ultimately get two surgeries to stabilize my epiphysis. It was the start of almost 30 years of discomfort, inflexibility, and other frustrating limitations. This year I decided to get myself in shape, truly fit, so that I can approach my goal of getting a corrective surgery on my hip and once again being able to ride a bicycle and perform a whole host of other “normal” activities.

Meeting Coach Ray

I’ve known Ray for some time now, having first met him in my neighborhood coffee shop, and seeing him there regularly. I can’t recall exactly what motivated me to talk to him about starting training, but I remember we had discussed it in the late Fall of 2013. Some confluence of factors added up, maybe it was leaving my old job, or maybe it was just feeling fed up with myself and wanting to make a positive change… regardless, I struck up conversation with Ray and started to talk about training with him.

I’d never worked with a personal trainer, I always thought I would just find my way to fitness – I just never seemed to make any progress at it. But I had the sense that if I was paying for a trainer, it would give me incentive to keep at it so as not to “waste” the money. That coupled with being really serious about meeting my goals of: losing weight, building strength in weak areas of my body, and getting ready to have corrective surgery all combined and became my motivation.

I’m here to tell you that since Ray and I started 6 months ago, I have lost and kept off over 40 pounds. My leg, the one I have always had trouble with, is stronger now than it has ever been. I can get up from a seated position without using either of my arms and I have more flexibility than I think I’ve had since I was a kid. My energy level has gone up, my blood pressure has gone down, and when my slightly elevated triglycerides went down, all of my heart disease risk factors became well below average. Ray’s knowledge and experience with a huge variety of techniques from various disciplines (dance, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, crossfit) allowed him to create a program for me that works around my limitations with my hip problems.

I’ve worked really hard at it, but I really could not have done it without Ray’s help and constant support. He asked if I would help share the news about his new 2 week “quick start” diet and exercise weight loss program… and I know this whole post sounds like a commercial at this point, but every single thing here is all the positive stuff that’s really happened for me; and if I can give you the same opportunity by connecting you to Ray, I’m extremely happy to do so.

Coach Ray’s “14 Day Fat Furnace”

One of the things I love most about Ray is his great personality – it comes through in every interaction with him, including his emails. I highly urge you to check out his new program, described in the email below; the price is amazing, and you will get incredible results working with him if you really want to make a positive change, even if it’s just for the two weeks. Send Ray an email at the address below ( and let him know I sent you!



On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 2:43 PM, Raymond Negron <> wrote:


Hello everybody,

This is Coach Ray here! 🙂  WOOOO!

Some of you may know me so: “Hi,” and to the rest that do not: “What’s up?” I have an absolutely awesome program that I’ve test driven with some of my current clients and we have garnered awesome results, so it’s time to release it to the public. It’s called… drum roll please!

“The 14 Day Fat Furnace Program” – Awesome name, amazing results 😉


Start Date: Monday, July 7th

End Date: Monday, July 21


What do you get?

  • An awesome (of course!) full body weight fat burning program that works wonders on your cardio and strength at the same time to get you faster results at an accelerated pace.
  • 3 to 4 sessions for 2 weeks to a more awesome you. Just do it!
  • A ready-made nutritional program to follow, the blueprint of your success
  • Weigh in and measurements for you, if interested. The person that loses the most from the 14 Day Fat Furnace Program gets an awesome prize / gift. Yes, you do – you deserve it!
  • Handouts with health, nutrition and exercise advice to help you gain traction towards your personal health goals.
  • People like yourself to motivate you, lots of high fives given out during the sessions. No negative Nancy’s need apply!!
  • An awesome Coach who has multiple certifications to lead you safely through your workouts and bring you to your goals, helping you feel great.
  • Most importantly: you taking the action to get what you want, because you’re driven forward towards reaching out for a stronger, better you. Congrats! Awesome!


Let’s get you started on the path less traveled, moving in the right direction. Intensity driven workouts will get you results! So, you know what? Take some action. I have room for 5 more people, then I have to close the class. First come, first serve.

I’m here to help you excel in your life. I’ll see you at the gym!

Where: Otom Gym at 169 Calyer Street, Greenpoint, NY 11222

When: July 6th is the last day I officially take on clients for this program, then the doors will close, so I can focus on each of your successes.


Official Start Date: Monday, July 7th

Official End Date: Monday, July 21

Official Feel Good Date: The whole time 🙂

The Investment: Just $84 Cash, Check, and EFT

The Benefits: An in shape, awesome feeling you 🙂


Warm regards,

Coach Ray


P.S. Bring a towel to wipe all the calories off your face, and if you have a friend bring them too! 🙂


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – MG

“Take action and get results” – Coach Ray

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone” – Robert Allen

“Coach Ray”, Raymond Negron, ACSM CPT

Turbulence Training Level 1
Turbulence Training Level 2 (pending)

Training For Warriors Level 1
Training For Warriors Level 2 (pending)

Superbands Certified

Battling Ropers Certified

(RKB) Kettle Bells Certified

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