Dreams Are Just Stories From Other People

We Agreed To A Game

In a dream, we agreed to a game. The game was to tell a story, and the rules of the story were that each of us defined one another with this structure:

“You have a NAME, you ARE this and there’s an AND”


One of the others defined me (I don’t recall which) and I became the scientist and gave myself the calculator.


Your name is Rivington, you are a scientist, and you have an atomic calculator


I then defined The Second Person, but after I woke up I forgot everything about them.


Your name is The Second Person, you are lost to all minds, and you aren’t real


After the third of us, who looked like a young Michael Palin, began his own definition, The Second Person informed him that the rules would be modified so that we could only define one aspect of ourselves.


Your name is Janesfield, you are a soldier, and you were shot an infinite number of times with a quantum bullet


(Janesfield tells us to ready ourselves as he passes out and falls off a large military plane, while multiple versions of Janesfield’s wounded body continuously fall out of a hole in the plane)


And then I woke up.

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