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Our culture is our future, they must both be open and free; and we can all be free if we empower ourselves with technological literacy and take our future into our own hands.

Mike CaprioMike Caprio has been a product-focused software engineer for his entire career, since graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Over the last two decades he has been employed as an engineer and consultant across a wide swath of industries, developing a broad and diverse range of experience working at Fortune 50 companies like ExxonMobil and Johnson & Johnson, and as an innovation consultant for the American Museum of Natural History, eBay, TIME Inc., and Viacom.

Mike is a community leader in the exclusive, worldwide StartupBus network of top tech professionals (a community which produces what is widely considered the world’s most difficult hackathon across four continents). He was also the founder and local organizer of the 1700+ member Space Apps NYC chapter of the NASA Space Apps Challenge (NASA’s own incubator innovation program and the world’s biggest global hackathon) and produced the first five Space Apps NYC hackathons. Starting in 2014 Mike began producing hackathons for AMNH BridgeUp: STEM including the “Hack The Universe” and “Hack The Dinos” events to advance open science. He has been a published regular columnist and a featured contributor in multiple periodicals, and has kept this personal blog since 2000.

Mike lives in Brooklyn with his domestic partner and cat.

I’m a people person. I know a lot of people, I connect them and am within the intersections of many social circles. I’m particularly affiliated with the hacker, maker, burner, gamer, DIY, synbio, Singulatarian, transhumanist, startup / entrepreneur and other fringe communities. I also spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

I was born a third generation Italian-American in New Haven, Connecticut in 1974. My ancestors came to America by way of Ellis Island at the start of the 20th century; in many ways I feel that living in New York City is like coming back to where it all began for me. I’m also descended from three generations of butchers, and my Italian heritage has led me to become a food enthusiast and avid cook. I occasionally participate in local cook-offs and other food-related benefit events.  I also enjoy puzzles, games, film and television, speculative fiction, animation, and comic art.

See more sites about me.  Or check out my IMDB page or my terribly outdated decades-old website.

Please note that all content on this site is personal, and does not reflect the opinion of any entity I am now or have ever been employed by or affiliated with in any way. I have never been compensated for any endorsements made here, they are all mine alone.

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