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Electronics and me

Going to classes at NYCResistor and working with electronics has really opened up my mind and broadened my horizons. I’ve always wanted to solder and do more with kits and bits and pieces of things, and now that I’ve started … Continue reading

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More Singularity Summit 2009 Notes When digital consciousness is achieved, and people can make copies of themselves, they’ll be able to synthesize myriad individual experiences into a single meta-self. This meta-mind will exist like a carrier wave that can either house in … Continue reading

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Hastily Scrawled Notes From Singularity Summit 2009

Technology: from stone to steel to silicon Hippocampus replacements happening now Upper limits on intelligence? Computability (NP-completeness), time, size and number of molecules in universe Technology and culture are intertwined (Stephenson’s “feed” versus “seed”) What if the Singularity has already … Continue reading

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The Hayao Miyazaki-Is-Disturbing Scale

Hayao Miyazaki has made a wide range of wonderful fantasy anime, and they each seem to be tailored to a particular age group. His major feature films seem to fall on a scale of Totally Germane For Toddlers to I’m … Continue reading

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