The 7 Deadly Sins That Kill Innovation In Your Organization

LinkedIn PULSE: This article is about innovation and all the things that entrenched individuals in organizations do to prevent or destroy it. I hope this article provides a framework for innovators to understand (and hopefully overcome) the politically attuned people whose motivations are to not lose face or to jockey for position or to cling to their rung of the organizational ladder when they find themselves caught in the wake of disruptive innovation.

StartupBus: the impact of a good network

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

Torque: A WP Engine Publication. Like many others did in recent years, I dithered about whether or not to continue using Facebook. Over the years, I’ve migrated from system to system like so many other digital nomads: in terms of “social” I go all the way back to Sixdegrees, then Friendster, MySpace… and finally to Facebook. I went to Facebook when everyone else did, and stayed for a number of years; but I recently (finally) decided to “cut the cord” and leave the network—for good.

The Five Lean Lessons I Learned On The StartupBus In 2011, I went on one of the most arduous and life-changing trips I’ve ever taken – I rode the StartupBus from New York City to Austin, Texas. At the time I thought I was out for a lark, taking a road trip that just happened to end where I wanted to go… little did I realize, the journey I took ended up being one of intense learning and self-discovery and resulted in joining an amazing community of do-ers who have set out to make the world more awesome. I couldn’t have known it then, but the lessons I learned on the StartupBus turned out to be exactly the ones I needed to prepare me for my career as an innovation consultant – I work as creatively now as I did on the bus, just without the crazy constraints of working on a moving bus for three days.

Self-Organization and the StartupBus Community When the first StartupBus rolled onto a California highway in 2010, no one imagined that a drunken idea for a fun road trip would grow into a worldwide network of over 1,000 entrepreneurs, innovators, and achievers. I use the word “fun” to describe what nearly every member of the group actually says is a grueling, arduous, uncomfortable, exhausting, yet rewarding, empowering, and truly life-changing experience. The story’s been told many times now, over nearly 5 years of multiple buses across several continents, with participants forming nearly a couple hundred startups… Various media outlets have each reported the tale in their own way, primarily focused on the “building a new startup” part of the journey. Nearly all of them have missed the entire point of why we get on the bus.

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