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Black Cat Appreciation Day; Happy Friday the 13th!

I Love My Black Cat! Don’t fall prey to superstitions! General Gau asks that you remember that black cats need your help, because they are the least adopted from animal shelters, and when they do get adopted on dates like … Continue reading

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An open letter to Ars Technica: Saddleback Leather and Religionism

Try to imagine my surprise when, upon receiving my “free leather wallet” for signing up for a premium account on Ars Technica, I found several cards inside the $29.00 value object reading “Christ Rules” in Greek script. Is it Ars … Continue reading

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Finally saw Religulous the documentary movie the other night – I didn’t realize that Bill Maher was actually on the same boat as me, and that the end of the film was as much of an indictment against religion as … Continue reading

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Stem Cells

Apparently the only people who really have an issue with stem cell research are Catholics and Christian fundies. That’s a pretty seriously small minority. Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism have no issues with using stem cells for research purposes, as the … Continue reading

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