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More religious nutbags

I will never work for a company that has a VP of Spiritual Life. http://bridge-troll.livejournal.com/356713.html I wonder if I can reasonably put in my business contracts that my company believes in freedom from religion in the workplace and that all … Continue reading

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Fucking Religion

Religion. Is. Scary. I saw a guy on my train this morning, a tall bulky guy wearing a jacket zipped all the way up. He stared at me with these piercing and dead bright blue eyes – everything about him … Continue reading

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Church n’ State

There must be no intersection of religious law and state/federal law. I do not elect priests and imams. They do not make resource decisions for me. I do not pay them my taxes. They do not enforce my laws. I … Continue reading

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Beginning of the insanity?

The U.S. has largely escaped sectarian violence over the last several centuries; religion and denominations have existed side-by-side and left each other alone. I have a feeling however that this is in the process of changing. This whole phenomenon of … Continue reading

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Nantucket journal

Second day on Nantucket. I felt inspired enough to pick up a writing pad and pen so I could transcribe some of my memories onto paper. I’m sucking on a richly delicious strawberry frappe from Congdons’ Pharmacy. Thick berries and … Continue reading

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