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Smartphone Devolving: How I Unplugged & Reengaged

Mike Caprio 6 Replies

Hang On, Are You Crazy? You Don’t Own A Smartphone? It’s true. I will no longer be taking part in the coming Singularity. Several weeks ago, I gave up my Android Samsung Galaxy S3 and found myself needing a new phone. The lovely folks at my telecom provider deemed me unworthy of an upgrade, and […]

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Why Did The New York Tech Scene Grow?

Mike Caprio 11 Replies

When one contemplates the meteoric heights achieved by the New York tech scene, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings it started from. In just a relatively short six years, New York has exploded into a tech powerhouse that is now beginning to rival Silicon Valley.  I say six years because, by my estimation, the […]

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Fallout: Apple iPad

Mike Caprio 4 Replies

No handwriting/gesture recognition or pen computing. No cameras. No haptic feedback. No voice control demonstrated, though I can’t see why they’d remove that. 3G only on more expensive models, and no announcement of carriers other than AT&T though the devices aren’t locked so one presumes other carriers will support it. Saying that the iPad is […]

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Real Innovation In Personal Computing – Not Coming From An Apple Tablet!

Mike Caprio 3 Replies

The Apple Tablet, which it seems at this point Apple will reveal to the world on Wednesday, will very likely be a respectable accomplishment in the engineering of computing hardware. It will be light, have good battery life, have touch-sensitivity, and a nice big screen – it will probably also have some great processing speed […]

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iPhone 3Gs impressions

Mike Caprio 1 Reply

You can really tell that it’s faster. The response time on tapping things like mail and photos has sped up quite a bit. The new camera makes images look great, though it doesn’t seem like you can autofocus while you’re recording a video – and the ambient sound recording during the video isn’t half bad, […]

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