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Not much posted here recently – Facebook gets most of my attention these days. But there is a lot going on, I’m doing a lot more living than blogging about living. Over the last couple of months I’ve been making a lot of friends in my neighborhood. Being able to hang out in cafes in […]

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Google Maps and iPhone Maps

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I’m really looking forward to improvements in Maps in iPhoneOS 3.0. Opening up access to Maps via API means that Apple and/or Google can create better native iPhone implementations of things like saved Google maps. I really enjoy making maps with saved locations at maps.google.com, but I think I would enjoy it much more if […]

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Futurist Speculation Of The Day

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Some futurist thoughts: I think that, starting with my generation, and during the rise of personal computing in general, there has been a sharp uptick in the number of people who were “born” interactive users of technology. There seem to generally be two kinds of technology users: actives and passives. Actives are the tinkerers, the […]

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iPhoto + Address Book win

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Looks like Apple’s most recent update to iLife partly addressed the issue I mentioned here over six weeks ago: http://mikecap.livejournal.com/958798.html Good deal! Now all they need to do is add the theoretical social networking application I’ve been designing in my head to the iLife suite… Also, I don’t know how hard it would be to […]

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