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Semi-irregular Comics Mike is Reading

Batman and Robin – Seems like this is delayed for some reason. I still recommend picking it up though, it seems to be readily available as back issues on all the shelves (don’t know why, it’s a good book). Top … Continue reading

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Scientific Jargon And The Baggage Of Language (A Better Periodic Table?)

I’m looking at some sample code for the iPhone, an application that demonstrates a bunch of principles in app coding all at once, including animation and so forth. It’s a relatively trivial app, just sample code, and it uses the … Continue reading

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Kyria Abrahams’ Memoir

Hey kids… I know a lot of you are friends with Kyria Abrahams (Noah’s sister), or otherwise generally know her from the Worcester poetry slam scene. Just FYI, if you haven’t kept much in touch with her: her memoir of … Continue reading

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Clark Ashton Smith

I knew that Zombie Chic would bring Clark Ashton Smith back. He’s been reprinted again, this time in what looks like a fairly professional binding. Smith is the ultimate dismal fantasist; he writes stories in settings at two ends of … Continue reading

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The Golden Compass [2007]

When I first came across The Golden Compass as a novel, several years ago, I was pretty fascinated by the concepts presented in it; every reviewer compared it to Tolkein as similar in scope. And to some degree, I think this is true; the alternate world in Phillip Pullman’s trilogy is grand and diverse, with a sweeping, rich tapestry of history.

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