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Notable Quotable from Warren Ellis

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“I want a button on my computer that, when depressed, has the target on the screen held down and fucked in the gall bladder by nymphomaniac suicide lepers who are quite prepared to leave their green suppurating cocks broken off in the wound. I DON’T THINK THAT’S TOO MUCH TO ASK IN THE 21ST CENTURY. […]

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On superheroes…

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A friend of mine asked me a question recently; she mentioned it was for some assignment, but wasn’t specific about it exactly. The multi-part question was: if you were going to be a superhero for a day, which one would you choose to be, why that superhero, and what would you do for the day? […]

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Hey kids, COMICS! or, My Crazy Comic Book Habit

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Currently finishing up the sorting, cataloging, and archiving of six or so months of comics. Earlier in the year I finally got around to actually performing an inventory of my collection; I’m about to break 3,700 comics. I estimate I’ll have over 4,000 comic books by next Spring, though that rate may change depending on […]

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