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Where I Think The Bus Should Go: Communities Of Innovation

Mike Caprio 14 Replies

[Author’s Note: TL;DR – This is a really long blog post that outlines a vision for the future of innovation based on nearly a decade of my experiences as a community organizer, and relates some of my feelings about the StartupBus event and the community that arises from it. I hope you’ll give it a […]

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The 7 Deadly Sins That Kill Innovation In Your Organization

Mike Caprio 3 Replies

This Is Not A Religious Screed Let me just get that out of the way right up front. I am not at all a religious person – but I have to say that I feel this metaphor will ring true for many who are even passingly familiar with the so-called tradition of “deadly sins”, which […]

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Self-organization and the StartupBus Community

Mike Caprio 13 Replies

Too Long, Didn’t Read A brief explanation before we dive into a very long longform post; when I first set out to write this, I had two goals: to tell the world more about the StartupBus community, and demonstrate that we’re about so much more than rapidly building startups on a moving bus. to address […]

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What’s So Great About Hackathons?

Mike Caprio 10 Replies

Hackathon? What’s That? I’m sure many folks unfamiliar with the phrase “hackathon” will wonder whether it involves breaking in to a computer or telecommunications system and “hacking” passwords or some such security thing. Mass media and other government / special interests have firmly associated the term “hack” with “criminal act” so it’s important to state […]

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Reprint: “Of Witchcraft, Brewsters and Beer”

Mike Caprio 4 Replies

Preface – How I Learned the True Tale of the Witch I first met noted beer anthropologist Alan Eames in 2006 when he (along with comic artist Stephen Bissette and Joe Citro) organized the first (and sadly, only) “Lovecraft In Vermont” conference in Brattleboro. The conference was a weekend affair, primarily taking place with speakers […]

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