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The Four Ways StartupBus Dramatically Grew My Network

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This article is a slightly modified version of the article posted previously at New Worker Magazine. People who know me usually see me as a people person, and I definitely am someone who’s interested in other people and in how relationships and communities work. I have always placed a high value on my connections with […]

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IBM Watson BBQ Sauce Reviewed, And Here’s The Dinner I Made

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IBM Watson Is My New Sous Chef You’ve surely heard of the IBM Watson human-designed machine intelligence which competed against two human champions and won the game show “Jeopardy!”. If you went to [The Festival In Texas That Shall Not Be Named] this year you very likely ate from a number of food trucks during […]

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A Short Screenplay About Your Life

This Is Your Life And You Don’t Even Realize It [Cue Twilight Zone sounding music. FADE IN to a Rod Serling style NARRATOR standing in the foreground of a LIVING ROOM, lights dim. In the background, softly lit, is a woman sitting in a comfy chair, using a generic tablet or eReader looking device. Lights […]

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Hackathons, For Love And Money

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If you work in software development, you’ve no doubt heard of the concept of a hackathon: a marathon event (sometimes continuing through the night, with little to no sleep) where participants attempt to cobble (or hack, or jerry-rig) together a solution to a perceived problem or challenge. The term “hack” has a rich history and […]

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account And Returned To Blogging

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This article originally appeared in Torque Magazine; image credit goes to Torque. A Little Bit Of History This WordPress blog is the latest incarnation of my online identity; I’ve had a web site operating continuously for roughly 20 years, but I didn’t start to post regular updates online until “blogs” became a thing. I remember […]

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