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Eavesdropper: Something I wrote in my PDA over dinner a long time ago

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I sit here a sanctioned eavesdropper watching an unattractive bald guy trying to talk his incredibly hot co-worker into having sex with him. I can tell he’s not getting too far, but she’s going through all the motions of this negotiation as if he has a chance. She’s not completely shutting him out, perhaps because […]

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Warning: Politics Ahead (Republicans)

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Ever wonder why the Republican party has a religious right component to it? This shift occured historically, as I understand it, around the time of LBJ’s presidency when Texas Democrats realized they were actually Republicans and there was a massive shift from one party to the other. Because the Republicans in Texas were mainly being […]

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No updates!

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Man I’m a loser… I haven’t updated this thing in months. I got a couple new CDs in the mail today from Yat-Kha. It’s weird shit. A combo of folk/rock/cowboy songs and throat singing. Very Oriental, with influences from almost every Asian culture, sounds like a mix of all of them. It makes me want […]

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