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Tacos Morelos (Williamsburg)

One often hears West Coast expatriates decrying the state of Mexican food in New York – and for good reason. Very few eateries here in our fair city live up to the standards set by San Francisco, Los Angeles, and of course, Mexico City. This is doubly true for taco trucks and carts, which innumerably dot the landscape on the left coast in comparison to the scattering of vendors here. Here in Williamsburg, we’re lucky to have several carts to choose from, and my first exploration was the one I pass by most frequently: Tacos Morelos on the Northwest corner of Bedford and North 7th.

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Dan Barber’s Keynote at the 2009 Brooklyn Food Conference (long, worthwhile reading)

So here’s a love story about two fish. The first fish I fell in love with for all the wrong reasons. It was a beautiful fish, the texture was really flavorful, it was very meaty, and even better – as … Continue reading

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Not much posted here recently – Facebook gets most of my attention these days. But there is a lot going on, I’m doing a lot more living than blogging about living. Over the last couple of months I’ve been making … Continue reading

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Paid Facebook

If Facebook ever did go the paid route, I would ditch it instantly. It’s not worth it to me, I already pay for this journal and other avenues of expression… what does this say about the “value” of my social … Continue reading

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