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Environmental News For Greenpoint, Brooklyn Residents!

I just received this email from friend and community activist Joanna Micek – I’m posting this email from her to follow up on her ask to spread the word about this important environmental improvement initiative that all Greenpoint residents should … Continue reading

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How To Save Humanity From Destroying Itself By Using Made Up Numbers

Problem: Industrialized nations, whose population make up a relatively small proportion of all of humanity, consume vastly more resources than the rest of the world. In addition, significantly large populations, generally in Asia, are beginning to enter a more consumptive … Continue reading

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This Is What Your Government Does For You

The Union of Concerned Scientists have published this “periodic table” of political / government interference in scientific study. http://www.ucsusa.org/scientific_integrity/interference/a-to-z-guide-to-political.html This is what electing the Bush administration has done for us and the world…!! Can we please get rid of Republicans … Continue reading

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Generating Power

Does anyone have any web site suggestions or research on how to generate electricty at home or otherwise go off the power grid? I don’t know how much it would cost to make/buy a fuel cell, but I’m really rip … Continue reading

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How many kids from Cape Cod are born with heart defects?? I keep seeing these women from around here posting online about how they had holes in their hearts when they were born. What’s up with that? I also recently … Continue reading

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