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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account And Returned To Blogging

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This article originally appeared in Torque Magazine; image credit goes to Torque. A Little Bit Of History This WordPress blog is the latest incarnation of my online identity; I’ve had a web site operating continuously for roughly 20 years, but I didn’t start to post regular updates online until “blogs” became a thing. I remember […]

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When I really enjoy a meal, especially one with a delectable sauce, I always use a piece of bread to clean the plate. I consider it me giving a complement to the chef when I get every last morsel off like that. This was pretty much a learned behavior on my part, something everyone in […]

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Bored Quiz Answers

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[Relationship Status] single [Shoe size] 12 wide [Parents still together] 36 years [Siblings] older sister [Pets] General Gau Underfoot Caprio FAVORITES [Color] green [Number] 3 [Animal] kitty [Book] Labyrinths of Reason [Flower] none DO YOU [Twirl your hair?] I just toss it to the side like Fabio [Have tattoos?] not yet [Cheat on tests?] only […]

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Bigots aren’t entitled to be bigots.

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I was listening to NPR yesterday, and was witness to yet another of the endless attempts by homophobic, power hungry, politicizing bigots to take civil rights away from people. This time it was a discussion of the upcoming political tempest in a teapot – since gay marriage worked so great for Republicans in 2004, they’re […]

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