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A Conversation At Cadillac Headquarters

“We really need to sell more cars. Who has money to buy luxury vehicles?” “Don’t those techie startup people have a ton of money to blow?” “Oh yeah, I saw that HBO show, they totally have stupid money. Who can … Continue reading

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The Catalyst of the Story (or, The Alchemy of Breaking Bad)

I haven’t yet watched the first episode of the final season of Breaking Bad, but I’m eager to see how it all ends. I feel a slight trepidation that it’ll end poorly, but surely not as badly as LOST or … Continue reading

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Nightmare #22

A party of seven wandered across a trackless, endless desert. Their minds wore thin, as thirst and heat punished their bodies. There was no hope, no oasis of safety waiting over the next dune. Soon they began sharing their hallucinations… … Continue reading

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Semi-irregular Comics Mike Is Reading Review

B.P.R.D. – Still good. Hellboy – Also still good. Astro City – Actually got an issue of this, finally! I’m really hoping they just wrap up this arc… it would be nice if there were some kind of reboot of … Continue reading

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Semi-Irregularly Posted Comics That Mike Is Reading

I’ve made some cutbacks on my comics lately – more because they’ve gone downhill in terms of writing and / or art than due to the economy (at least directly anyway; who can say whether they’ve gotten bad because they … Continue reading

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