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Blu-Ray Adoption

Predicting The Curves I’m wondering whether it’s worth it to stay behind the trailing edge of adopting Blu-ray. I imagine that using this technology is very much a personal decision and depends on a lot of factors, but I suspect … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festival web site FAIL

When is TFF going to learn that they need higher capacity when they open their online ordering? I was in the system placing an order, and then I got kicked out… now I can’t even get back onto their lame … Continue reading

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My Watchmen Advice

If you’ve never read the book, don’t. Go see the movie, enjoy it (note that it’s a drama, not an action film), absorb it, then go back to the book and get the rest of the story. It’s a really … Continue reading

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Superhero Flicks

Finally saw The Dark Knight. You know what? It Capital S Sucked. Iron Man was way, way, way better. I really think the only reason Dark Knight got so huge was because of Heath Ledger’s demise. I know Batman’s a … Continue reading

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No Country For Old Men – HATED IT

This movie was a piece of utter garbage. I just finished watching No Country For Old Men, and I’m literally sitting here completely stunned at what a scrap of trash it was. In comparison to EVERY OTHER FILM the Coens … Continue reading

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