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If a blog entry is not written, did it really happen?

Not a lot going on in the old journal these days. Much going on is being had though. I just don’t have the time to journal it. Here then is a synopsis: I’ve been working; the end of this quarter … Continue reading

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Interviewed by arachne8x

1) #1 comfort food Wow, this one’s tough, it’s like one of those “Which one is your favorite child?” type questions! I’m going to write out a short list and then try to figure it out from there. macaroni and … Continue reading

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A quick summary of me (stealed from ): 33 going on 34. Grew up in North Branford, CT but born in New Haven, CT. Fluent in English, smattering of French, currently studying Homeric Greek. Nearly 100% Italian – father is … Continue reading

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Food Trends – Winter 2007

As we approach Winter in the city, my thoughts turn to some of the trends I’ve noticed in food and dining – restaurant openings and closures, what’s “hot” and “not” and so forth. So I’ve decided to start a new quarterly feature highlighting the current gustatory whims of New York, and I’m blatantly stealing a page from WIRED magazine and inventing my own categories: Gold, Old, and Mold.

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Pies n Thighs (Williamsburg)

If I had to pick my favorite type of American cuisine, it would have to be Southern style food.  I may be a yankee from the North, but I was raised on Italian food, pasta and meat in crazy portions … Continue reading

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