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Smartphone Devolving: How I Unplugged & Reengaged

Hang On, Are You Crazy? You Don’t Own A Smartphone? It’s true. I will no longer be taking part in the coming Singularity. Several weeks ago, I gave up my Android Samsung Galaxy S3 and found myself needing a new … Continue reading

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Why Did The New York Tech Scene Grow?

When one contemplates the meteoric heights achieved by the New York tech scene, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings it started from. In just a relatively short six years, New York has exploded into a tech powerhouse that is … Continue reading

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Why We Aren’t In A Tech Bubble (Yet)

Having lived through The First Great Tech Bubble – the era of Pets.com, Whoopi Goldberg & Flooz, and billion dollar valuations of companies that never made a profit – I feel qualified to speak on the topic of today’s booming tech sector. The question on everyone’s mind is: Have we replaced Pets.com with Groupon.com, Flooz with Bitcoin, and found ourselves a mere 11 years later on the precipice of The Second Great Tech Bubble?

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