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I kind of called it on flying smartphone-drones (smartdrones) back in July of this year. https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485931667748446209 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485932574481469443

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THINK: What The Singularity Really Means

It’s now roughly two months since the latest Singularity Summit conference, held here in the Upper East Side of New York City.  I came away from the conference not feeling quite as elated as I did in 2009, I think … Continue reading

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Singularity Summit 2011

Just a quick note to say that I’m very excited about attending this year’s Singularity Summit on October 15th-16th, even though the program may be a little more skewed towards computers this year; I always hope to see more along … Continue reading

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Ars Technica Followup on Game Consoles

I posted this comment on Ars in response to an article stating that a motion detection sensor on XBox was somehow going to be a “Wii killer”; I’m expanding on it a little more here to stretch out my thoughts … Continue reading

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Economic Future

EDIT: Hey, if you agree with me about biotech, I made an entry at the Citizen’s Briefing Book on Change.gov called “Economic Prosperity Via Biotech Innovations”. Vote it up for me! Oil has changed in price from over $140 a … Continue reading

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