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A strange mood

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After playing my weekly game all afternoon, I went to Benj & Jess’s to watch a movie… we had some dinner and saw The English Patient. What a tragic love story. It’s put me in an odd mood. As I was leaving their place, a storm started to brew… now I’m sitting in my car […]

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Scenes From A Week

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m: “How high is the bridge over the river? Maybe I can sneak in!” c: “Oh, you’re going to go all Ninja Commando, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” m: “I’m *Captain* Ninja Commando.” m: “Actually, I’m Lucky Captain Ninja Commando!” c: “Silly Lucky Captain Ninja Commando. Lucky Captain Ninja Commando Nuggets are for the youth!” Diet? […]

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Hm – no entries this year??

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Guess I’ve been a bit lax with my journal keeping, hm? I’m so awful at everyday writing. I keep thinking that there aren’t enough mundane things happening to me to keep up anyone’s interest level. Recent goods: Massage. I heart julz. Sushi! Housemates on vacation – late night company and getting to do some cooking […]

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