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Dude Where’s My App? Things I Expect To Be Able To Do And Yet Still Cannot Do

Why Isn’t There An App For That? There are a surprising number of things that should be completely technically feasible, and yet nothing exists to solve these problems. Maybe it’s the Innovator’s Dilemma, maybe it’s just that the people in … Continue reading

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Smartphone Devolving: How I Unplugged & Reengaged

Hang On, Are You Crazy? You Don’t Own A Smartphone? It’s true. I will no longer be taking part in the coming Singularity. Several weeks ago, I gave up my Android Samsung Galaxy S3 and found myself needing a new … Continue reading

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Why Did The New York Tech Scene Grow?

When one contemplates the meteoric heights achieved by the New York tech scene, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings it started from. In just a relatively short six years, New York has exploded into a tech powerhouse that is … Continue reading

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The Map Application I Want

I don’t know if people really care about this sort of thing as much as I do… but as a New Yorker (and still a relatively new one, that may factor in) I find that I need to plan my … Continue reading

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Google Maps and iPhone Maps

I’m really looking forward to improvements in Maps in iPhoneOS 3.0. Opening up access to Maps via API means that Apple and/or Google can create better native iPhone implementations of things like saved Google maps. I really enjoy making maps … Continue reading

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