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My Response To NYC’s CTO

The Beta NYC civic hacking group met with New York City’s First Chief Technology Officer. She made it clear that the City’s IT policy, technology, data, leadership, and services need to accessible to all New Yorkers. She also posed two … Continue reading

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Yodok Stories

20,000,000 people are being held prisoner in North Korea. They are starving, resorting to cannibalism. Completely cut off from the world, they have no media and no sources of information except for occasional helium balloons carrying leaflets sent by sympathetic … Continue reading

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Economic Future

EDIT: Hey, if you agree with me about biotech, I made an entry at the Citizen’s Briefing Book on Change.gov called “Economic Prosperity Via Biotech Innovations”. Vote it up for me! Oil has changed in price from over $140 a … Continue reading

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Technology And The Will To Change

I just posted this in Warren Ellis’s LJ: Realizing the intersection of social justice and technology is the defining challenge of our time. Every crisis affecting the global population today revolves around this fundamental exploration; technology alone can’t save lives, … Continue reading

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This Is What Your Government Does For You

The Union of Concerned Scientists have published this “periodic table” of political / government interference in scientific study. http://www.ucsusa.org/scientific_integrity/interference/a-to-z-guide-to-political.html This is what electing the Bush administration has done for us and the world…!! Can we please get rid of Republicans … Continue reading

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